Very stoked about Atlassian Summit 2010 coming up next week ...

Will be great to meet many Atlassian enthusiasts, developers, customers, partners, and indeed Atlassian-folks themselves!

Bound to be filled with surprises and invigorating discussions on all levels with a crowd like this. Four of us from AppFusions are attending, with smiles and excitement!

HOWEVER, before we even get there - I know one thing:

I'm already extremely thankful to the amazing Jessie Curtner - Atlassian's event coordinator extraordinaire!

This is my fourth official event (aside from user groups or such) that she has pulled together that I have attended:

So this is stated from experience and without hesitation!!

Truth be told, these events get bigger, more intense, and more complicated for her I am sure as each one evolves and grows - (just as Atlassian does :) ) - so the challenges are not to be underestimated at any level in pulling off grand-scale top quality events for so many people flying in from all corners of the world.

Atlassian official events (AtlasCamp and AtlassianSummit) are top of the scale on excellence - certainly in accommodations, but more importantly in the quality people drawn that attend and the always upping-the-bar information shared.

Early Kudos Jessie and best wishes in the coming days during the event! You simply ROCK!

.. and I loved these recent tweets of yours! I'll be bringing you a big fat dark chocolate bar just in case!

Looking forward.