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Many people might think a company like AppFusions, a busy partner of Atlassian software would of course host and maintain our own systems...

after all, technically servicing Atlassian systems is what we do!

But honestly and truthfully - we've got better things to do - like SERVICING OUR CUSTOMERS, not ourselves.

And so it was, 3 months after we began the company, we cobbled together our humble 7-server AWS-hosted Atlassian-Suite beginnings, and moved them all to Contegix Managed Hosting Services - and never looked back. 


Now here we are - 24 hosted servers later, and growing - and after last night and a lickety split Confluence 4 upgrade to our main client/project wiki system, we've decided that Contegix needs to be recognized as actual members on our team, since life would be MEASURABLY harder without them!

And so that's that.

They are now officially on our team page - since we do think of them as that, and like any key team member - they are ones we can't imagine life without!

Thank you to the entire Contegix team for an awesome 15+ months ... you rock our world, really! Daily!


Okay okay - enough of all the mush - lets refocus to the other big event of today.

Tonight, as mentioned, we moved to Confluence 4, joining the herds of endless twitter fans

... and now we're part of them too!

We've migrated - and in this too, we will not be looking back, and I can't tell you how excited.All systems a go with Confluence 4, and glad to be on board!

To our clients: you will see and be working with Confluence 4 as of NOW!

(There's lot in there - but mostly, can't wait to get into that new table editor - gone are the days of cursing Confluence tables!)

Thank you Atlassian - two words this time:


As for all you reading this, have you upgraded yet?? - and if not - why? GET GOING! You're late!!

You think this is all just hype?

OK - I challenge you -

DO IT YOURSELF, and you will also SEE FOR YOURSELF. Start here! and decide, today.

Just. Do. It. Already.

(Try on your staging first - that will give you the confidence to move to production. If you need some fast help - give us a shout. We'll get you there, FAST.)

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