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Our Guarantee

AppFusions commits to delivering only the highest caliber professional services.

This level of service starts from the first moment we speak with you and continues through constant, proactive, and engaged communications during the project.

Ready to go

The AppFusions team is growing fast.

Our team includes top-gun experts in the industry. You can read about us below!

Our expertise can quickly help you get through your engineering challenge areas, with efficient services and a transparent iterative agile engineering delivery process, allowing for your active involvement as much as you wish along the way.

Join us

Are you a top-gun developer looking for a great new career path with endless opportunity?

Consider working with us if you have the drive and desire to be the best and to never stop learning, honing, and perfecting your craft with great challenges.

Mutual endless rewarding experiences is our goal.

[ Our Guarantee ] [ Ready to go ] [ Join us ] [ Colin ] [ Daniel ] [ Danielle ] [ David ] [ Ellen ] [ Justin ] [ Keri ] [ Kevin ] [ Laura ] [ Patrick ]


Colin is a senior system and network operations, integrations, and plugin developer. He's been working with the Atlassian stack for 4 years+ now, and is a solid backbone to many of our projects. Colin has one of the most positive senior developer attitudes one will ever encounter. Always eager to jump in on the tough problems, and explain them patiently to a customer.

Colin's specialties are in Crowd dev (any system SSO/UM to Crowd), Atlassian dev tools and end-to-end environment, agile dev processes and tools (Atlassian's and Nexus, Mercurial DVCS, Git, etc.), and custom application development. Colin has two adorable daughters, which next to AppFusions, is his pride and joy.


Daniel hails from Washington DC as an Enterprise systems architect and developer with secret clearance and specialization in integration and Web 2.0 technologies. Daniel has a deep understanding of web-based development projects and a passion for standards and object-oriented programming, process automations via system integrations, mashups, social networks, and using social media as part of a business' communication strategy. Daniel is well known in the Enterprise 2.0 circles with his impressive blog.


Danielle helps our customers in both technical project management and client system operations support. In short - she's helps hold it all together, which with Atlassian projects - there are indeed alot of details to keep an eye on - efficiently and in order.

Danielle is based in Washington DC, but she seems to be everywhere during the course of an AppFusions project - and that's a good thing! As mother of two boys, Danielle wears her soccer mom hat proudly when she is not managing AppFusions' projects.


David is pretty well known in Atlassian circles for his crowd-favorite Google Analytics plugin for Confluence. As a senior engineer on our team, his focus centers around Confluence custom application and plugin development.

Prior to AppFusions, David was a senior integrations developer at a university, which followed his scholastic achievement of receiving his PhD in Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Nottingham. That said, we're keen on finding a University or Pharmaceutical interested in sponsoring a Sub-Structure Search application for Confluence. If interested, we'll share the design ready to go; for chemistry folks - it's sweet!

Outside of AppFusions, David sneaks away for quality time with his adorable two children, Lily and Thomas.


Ellen manages daily operations and strategic directions of AppFusions, while also handling much initial solution design, pre-sales and customer support efforts.

Prior to AppFusions, Ellen consulted for over 15 years in the Silicon Valley in over 30+ high-tech companies. I guess we can say "she's been around". This experience of seeing and working in so many business and development environments (good and bad), an MBA, and strong E2.0 and agile development beliefs, only fuel her energy and passion even more.

Ellen loves hiking, skiing, reading, lakes, music, her kids and husband, and positively the AppFusions team and customers!


Justin manages our accounting and financial systems so we stay in business, simply! Justin also plays backup to technical writing needs in a project, an easy fit for him since he has a Masters in Computer Science.

Prior to AppFusions, Justin worked at Apple Computer for many years, and now in his free-time, he's a much better than your average construction hack, and super-dad to his favorite charges: Stella (7) and Ryan (9).


Keri hails from Texas, and is an experienced Enterprise sales account manager to help with this key growing area for AppFusions. Keri's "can do" attitude is one that cannot be matched - and we are thrilled to have her joining our team at this important time of fast growth.

Personally Keri loves her husband, kids, dogs, Texas sweet tea, baths, popcorn, junior mints, movies, Christmas, jeans, airport bars, the color blue, her ipod ... ok you get the idea. She's can do, so she likes it all. Bring. It. On. Mates. (smile) OK..


Kevin is a senior developer with over 3 years of Atlassian experience, and over 10 years of system and network operations experience in large Enterprise organizations. While Kevin's skills are vast, lately Kerberos SSO (single sign-on) development with Active Directory, as well as Wiki migration automation scripts and analysis has been his thing. Kevin wrote this quick note to help demystify a few confusions around this common SSO subject: NTLM v1 or v2 or Kerberos.

Prior to AppFusions, Kevin worked as a senior system operations developer on a large Enterprise Confluence integrations team.


Laura is a senior developer often focused on Confluence migrations - some very large ones (for example, 18K pages!), and lead developer of the Universal Wiki Converter (UWC) project, hosted on Atlassian's Website.

However, Laura's skills extend well beyond migrations into plugin development, webapp development, UI design, build systems, and unit testing. Whenever possible, she dives into Java application development with a vengence.

Working with Laura is a pleasure beyond measure for clients - she's organized, clear, always pleasant, and dedicated to continual progress. Laura is based in Philadephia PA and loves the snow - Bring it on! likes working from home where she and her robots (well, at least one roomba) can observe snowfall without driving in it.


Patrick is a senior integrations, applications, system and network operations and plugin developer. However, keeping him in that box, like any great cat, is pretty close to impossible.

We've been trying to break Patrick's technical back for over a year now - and no matter what the challenge - Patrick delivers, always - clean and straight purpose-driven solutions with agile iterative releases. Needless to say, customers get excited by this.

Prior to AppFusions, Patrick spent 3 years focused on Atlassian consulting for many Fortune 500s to small startup companies. Patrick has developed and delivered 100s of plugins, extensions, workflow configurations, etc. And finally - he's also now and author with the release of JIRA 4 Essentials, demystifying JIRA.

Patrick has a parrot named Mango, who attends all of Patrick's project or engineering meetings. Fortunately, so far Patrick hasn't delegated other tasks to Mango yet.

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