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The time has passed and the sale is now over! THANK YOU to our new customers who took advantage of this opportunity and also helped the cause! Rockin'!

Last week, an awful Tsunami/Earthquake hit/shook Japan. As the news continues to flood out about the catastrophe, and the aftermath unravels with horrifying early stories - and many more to come - it is a time to come together and cherish our blessings more than ever! It is a time to help.

Today in Japan (and Asia Pacific), and Tomorrow in US/Europe, is St. Patrick's day - a day typically rejoiced and celebrated by green-wearing-for-the-day-Irish-people everywhere - whether you are Irish or not.

In general it's a day about luck - and good blessings - and ALWAYS, everyone is invited to the party! That is what's so awesome about St. Patrick's Day!

It's a day to wish well on others - and celebrate those good tidings in grand spirit and typically many many laughs too! The Irish are a jovial bunch!

However... the irony

The irony of St. Patrick's day and the simultaneous horrifying situation in Japan with the Tsunami and Earthquake aftermath cannot escape me.

I woke up this morning, read the news, looked at pictures - and despite a very busy day of fast projects and back to back calls - I can't get everything that's happening in Japan out of my head.

The devastation is AWFUL! And only just begun!

As someone with strong Wish Good Luck Irish heritage and values, I can't help to think that today is not feeling very lucky for so many.

But AppFusions can try to help ...

So here's our idea and hoping you will join us in this campaign ...

For the next 5 days for $50 each - ALL AppFusions products are on sale - any size system - until MARCH 20, 11:59pm PDT (That's California time).

Here's the catch -

ALL of the money will go to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund.


So please - a sincere plea - please help us help others and get on board.

How you can help

It's this simple! Save $100s of $$$s! and do something really good !

Decide to buy a great connector or product(s) that you want anyways, NOW.


Make the decision and help Japanese children victims! And don't wait - this offer WILL EXPIRE on MARCH 20, 11:59pm PDT.

  1. Review the AppFusions products.
  2. Decide if you want one of our products, or three. (smile)
  3. Donate to Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund (times however many products). OR - a relief charity of your choice also fine -
    • If you don't want product but still want to donate and/or are inspired by this post - please let us know anyways. Or tweet it. Or spread the word. Or Donate on your own. Just DO something, please. EVERYONE can help.
  4. Send a copy of your receipt(s).
  5. Let us know if we can include your name in a scrolling Contributors list - if you wish to be acknowledged.
  6. We'll issue you an annual license to the products of your choice via email.
  7. Tell a friend, or three.
The Fine Print
  • Each product is $50 - so if you want two - that's $100
  • If you need support, basic get-you-installed support will be provided (AFTER you try on your own with the documentation).
  • Functional extensions to the connectors are not part of "support" - yet can indeed be provided under a requested SLA. The functions are what they are and pretty darn good imho, and besides, you are entitled to updates throughout the year as we continue to evolve the products.
  • Basic support requests should go to or our Zendesk.
  • Even though you can buy any-size product in this offer, you do need to specify your Atlassian product SEN # and license-size upon request - so we can align the licensing of our product (since they are hooked).
  • The prices of the products WILL return to their normal prices on MARCH 20, 11:59pm PDT ! Positively! Our products cost many $1000s to create, so of course we can not always sell at this price - this is a special case only, to help.
  • If you don't want a product - or want to donate less, please do - and also please do let us know! We'd like to thank you!
  • Other questions - likely there's tons that we haven't thought of - send email - but need to get this going ALREADY! Clock is ticking.

Don't touch that dial - See step "How Can You Help".

Japan, Stay Strong!

Our thoughts and prayers goes out to our brothers and sisters in Japan. Stay strong, you will survive this.

(attrib. of above Tsunami photo and quote)


If you have never been in an earthquake or tsunami - then thank St. Patrick and help people at this very critical time of need. Never take good fortune for granted.

Let me start it off... here's my receipt.