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AppFusions has been moving faster than we can keep up with in last month+.

It always gets crazed like this every year before Atlassian Summit honestly, as the run up to Atlassian Summit becomes more like a sprint up Mt. Everest vs. a leisurely run in the park.

Ah well - it's all part of the fun, and so the team jumped in with all FOUR FEET each (given that four is better than two, and we needed the extras this round!).

Over the next week, we will introduce the many new products being launched at Atlassian Summit - but also already available/released in last couple weeks!

Here's two new ones, and prototype glimpses of onDemand app coming this summer.

Dropbox in Confluence - for Atlassian Confluence "on-premise"

In short - access, preview, embed, download and edit your DropBox files in direct from within Confluence!

When editing, you can edit with any Office application, and the integration also knows what OS you are running, and adjusts appropriately (supporting Mac, Windows, Linux).

Read more about it here.

Check out the video:

Dropbox in JIRA - for Atlassian JIRA "on-premise"

Access, preview, download, and attach (link) your DropBox files to an JIRA issue directly from JIRA. Read more about it here.

Check out the video:

Dropbox in Confluence - for Atlassian OnDemand Confluence

NOT YET RELEASED, but by the following screenshots/slideshow, you can see that the integration is WELL underway. Summer fun! (smile)

This initial implementation was done for Atlassian Summit presentation as a solid example of Atlassian's new RemoteApps frameworks.

As you can see here - the future is becoming closer to near!

MUCH Kudos Warranted!

Kudos to the AppFusions development team - which was truly a many person team effort for these integrations!

In particular, Laura Kolker and Danielle Zhu lead the Dropbox On-premise implementations, with some pitch-ins by David Simpson. Patrick Li drove the OnDemand implementation, our first - of many to come!

Also - kudos to Don Brown and Rich Manalang of the Atlassian Dev Relations team for valued OnDemand development tips ...

We're pretty stoked about these, mostly since its only the beginning. We have a few others in the coup to evolve for OnDemand customers.

Will be a very busy Q3/Q4!

What's Next?

We have lots more to introduce - but if you'd like to skip ahead of the curve - here's the teasers already released/in queue with the fancy new Atlassian Marketplace:

Of course, these releases are on top of our many other existing integrations and plugins!

Contact us any time if you have questions or would like to evaluate any of these products.

MUCH additional product development will continue on all our products through the summer.

Just getting going, as usual! (smile)

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