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Want to Join a Great Team



Below is the page content of AppFusions' first Web page - and it has never changed. We also have - so far - never had incoming job descriptions, since everyone that joins AppFusions has evolved into the job/role that works to their strengths and evolved growth/learn desires, not some box that we pre-conceived. Maybe we will have to change that one day, but so far that has worked well and AppFusions' strength has been the consistency of our people. We have no attrition, literally. This is a verifiable statement.

"Within the first few small jobs working with AppFusions, I learnt more about the Atlassian stack than I had in the previous 3 years. From then through now (4.5yrs later), life at AppFusions has been a non-stop run, evolving into the largest revenue stream in my career". ~Senior Developer/Architect at AppFusions (October 2014)

At AppFusions, we are building a team and community of development and knowledge management stars ...
following are some basic keep-everyone-honest mutual values we are looking for: Image Removed

  • you are not and will not be just a resource...
  • everyone matters, makes a difference, contributes - often
  • everyone has high self-esteem (yet no resting on laurels - you/we will make new ones)
  • everyone is endlessly learning and growing professionally and personally
  • everyone likes challenges and is solving challenges
  • everyone delivers, quality - because it matters, for everyone
  • everyone exercises - physically, professionally, mentally, personally
  • everyone wins (you, clients, and our AppFusions community)
  • everyone is rewarded for contributions, financially
  • you will not fail alone and know when to reach out for help, always. In a client delivery business, we have no room for folks failing alone when it can be avoided
  • you want to grow your career and knowledge, endlessly, which is much faster on a team
  • you respect many skills and abilities, and are grateful that you have your own unique set, not everyone else's
  • you value these things, and are also independent.

If you are into these ideas and want to make a difference, be/become an expert and/or leader in the industry, and/or just enhance your life as part of a great team - let's chat soon and we will tell you more - ALOT more.

Your endless success == AppFusions explicit goal, to get you there, personally, professionally, and again - endlessly... == the AppFusions client and community success!


We're all in it together! Really!

Love to talk with you and explore possibilities - send mail or call us and tell us how you can help evolve our community in great ways.


What? No tech requirements?!

Well - no, not that simple - we'll assume you will be bringing that with you to the initial chat.

But seeking your great people ways and initiative to be the best, first.


Zen Master
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