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|| Product || Brief || Platforms || Demo || More info ||
| Google Docs Connector for Confluence | Embed and navigate Google Doc files (presentation, spreadsheet, document, and filtered filelist) in Confluence, and alot more. | Confluence\\
 Google Apps | | |
| Google Docs Connector for JIRA | Link a google doc to your JIRA issue, direct from gdoc repo (includes file picker, preview, open/launch, download options); also OAuth authentication. | JIRA\\
 Google Apps | | |
| Google Search Appliance (GSA) Connector for Confluence | Federated search (multirepository) integration with GSA. Includes connectors for not only searching Confluence, but also SharePoint and designated fileshares, and SSO authentication connectors. | Confluence\\
 GSA | | |
| Enterprise Directory for Confluence | Embedded AD/LDAP corp directory table, filtered and sortable searches, etc | Confluence | | |
| Confluence to Alfresco Connector | Alfresco file access and management from within Confluence. | Confluence\\
 Alfresco | | |
| Alfresco to Crowd UM and SSO Module | Alfresco user management _and_ SSO with Confluence via Crowd. | Crowd\\
 Alfresco | | |
| Zendesk to Crowd Module | Zendesk user management via Crowd | Crowd\\
 Zendesk | | |
| Zendesk SSO Connector for JIRA | Connector enabling SSO between ZenDesk and JIRA. | JIRA\\
 Zendesk | | |
| Zendesk to JIRA integration connector | Escalate Zendesk issues to JIRA via this new connector by AppFusions' JIRA experts. Will also roll in SSO integration. | JIRA\\
Zendesk | | \*\* Coming in November 2010\!\! \**\* |
| BrightIdea Connector for JIRA | Escalate Brightidea "ideas" to product ideas within JIRA, to be carried forward in the SDLC. | JIRA\\
 BrightIdea | | |
| SnapaBug RT Chat Connector for Confluence | Embedded RT chat button, showing attendant on/offline. If online, chat live. If offline, email form prompt (with screencapture, if desired), and when sent, logs to JIRA support ticket. | Confluence\\
 Snapabug | | |
| SnapaBug Connector for JIRA | SnapaBug debug capture and logging to JIRA. | JIRA\\
 Snapabug | | |
| Confluence Federated Search plugin | Federated search (multi-repository) based on OpenSearch. | Confluence\\
Any Repository | | TBD. \~Nov/Dev 2010. |

Following is a list of existing plugins created by and supported by the AppFusions team.

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There are many other Atlassian plugins that can be found at the Atlassian Plugin Exchange.