Simple idea curating and prioritization plugin for JIRA. Simplifies UI for business folks or customers.

Solution to the Idea "problem" - called Votazz!

Ideas Ideas Ideas! Everyone's got them, some are great; um, some not so great!

Regardless, ideas are valuable - HIGHLY! They spur innovation, more ideas, momentum, inspirations, excitement, progress, and more. Ideas are good food!

BUT .. Ideas are often lost in the rough - not flushed enough to log or seem relevant, or maybe insecurity prevails: JIRA admins do not want to mix "ideas" up with the official JIRA backlog.

Often the best ideas come from customers with great ideas, but outside of your firewall. The customer wants to contribute. Email is a black hole.

Simply, good or bad (relevance which can change), ideas need a home.

What Does It Do?

Votazz enables you to:

  • Engage with your customers, and embrace their ideas! Develop the ideas together, empower them and their input into your product. Customer feedback is managed simply.
  • Vet ideas through restrictive voting. Through votes and comments, a product owner quickly identifies highly valued ideas. Value ideas "rise to the top", allowing products features and priority to gain quick focus.
  • Keep the product backlog clean by keeping undeveloped (yet) ideas out of JIRA. Only ideas that are voted with high value are added as stories on the backlog, minimizing distractions during release and sprint planning sessions.
  • Enable non-technical users to contribute quickly! Forget training your customers on how to use JIRA. Just create an account, add an idea, and enable your community to be heard.
  • Keep the team's backlog priority and burndown charts private. Customers do not get bogged down with the more complex capabilities of JIRA.

Video Tour


Votazz is it! Customer's ideas caught in "the system" and voted (vetted) - to evolve into official features or bugs in a product roadmap.