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SharpView High-Resolution PDF Viewer for Atlassian Confluence

Supports Confluence 4.X - 5.X

Minor configurations for installation.

What does it do?

SharpView High-Resolution PDF Viewer allows you to embed, view, and present high-resolution PDF files from Confluence. Unmatched in quality presentation!

With SharpView, you can:

  • Embed a PDF in Confluence with high resolution
  • Extended display features to show off files
    • Full-screen display mode.
    • Print directly from the viewer
    • "Fit width", "Fit Page", Thumbnail tiles, zoom scale up and down, or display in "full screen" mode
    • Contextual local searches
  • Extended "attachments" panel/macro
    • Preview before embedding
    • Metadata and quick links



The following document is an attachment displayed by Sharpview (which is installed on this Website/Confluence system).


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