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IBM Sametime in JIRA, Confluence, Stash, FishEye, Crucible, and/or Bamboo

Getting Started and Pre-Requisites


On the Sametime side:

  1. Install the IBM Sametime Proxy Server (along-side your IBM Sametime server installation). Not down the URL to this server.
  2. The User Directory (LDAP/AD) being used by Sametime should be the same as the one configured with the Atlassian server. Or, at a minimum, usernames need to match.
  3. The sametime server and the Atlassian server need to share a domain (and ideally use the same SSL protocol). So, for example, if the Sametime server is:, then the Atlassian server needs to be

On the FishEye side:

  1. Install the FishEye/Crucible Connector for IBM Sametime.
  2. Access the "Configure" panel in the newly installed plugin.
  3. Enter the URL to your IBM Sametime Proxy Server.
  4. Click on the "Resources" tab, and click "Auto-detect".

Note: The Atlassian server "base URL" needs to be configured correctly to match the URL to the Atlassian server, that the user is using. If the base URL is changed, the IBM Sametime connector resources need to be re-auto-detected.


Screenshot Gallery

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