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CFR Part 11 E-Signatures (FDA Compliance) for Atlassian JIRA

Supports JIRA 5.0 - 7.X server (on-premise) and Data Center versions.

Plug and play installation.

What does it do?

CFR Part 11 E-Signatures (FDA Compliance) for JIRA adds an e-signature JIRA field and audit reporting to your workflow. It is for corporations or organizations requiring Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

  • E-Signature field added to JIRA workflow
  • Audit reports including names, date, time (hour/minute/second) details - printable view of all E-Signatures
  • New "E-Signatures" tab in the "Activity" section for each issue
  • User re-authenticates at each key stage to sign the transition
  • Only successful authentication allows transition to next stage
  • Also tracks "issue creation" events



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