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Private Parts for Atlassian Confluence

Supports Confluence 5.4+

Suppressing private usernames for external Wikis with restricted spaces.


AppFusions believes integration solutions are needed in all corporations - large and small. Yet, at today's rates:

Custom Enterprise system-to-system integrations cost corporations $20K - $100K+ each, on spec. And that's only initial costs, not on-going support as end-points continue to roll versions.

In most cases, our Enterprise integrations cost less than $1.00/month per-user. The per-user time savings value is much more! Our prices align with Atlassian server pricing tiers - for easy calculations, purchasing simplicity.

Annual license fees, including all feature/version updates.

User TierPrice
10 users$10
25 users$264
50 users$528
100 users$726
250 users$1000
500 users$1320
2000 users$3000
10000 users$5000
10000+ users$6000


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