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Private Parts for Atlassian Confluence

Supports Confluence 5.4+

Suppressing private usernames for external Wikis with restricted spaces.

[ Zen Foundation Is Not Licensed ] [ Use Case  ] [ What does it do? ] [ Video ]

Private Parts for Confluence is a plugin that suppresses visibility of private usernames when a user is in a restricted space. 

Out of the box, certain Confluence features allow anyone on the wiki to see others' names, even within a restricted space. With Private Parts for Confluence, username reference or lookup privacy is retained.

This plugin provides a solution for the following Atlassian JIRA tickets:


Use Case 

A common use case for this plugin is a Confluence wiki that is being used for "partner management". In such case, the parent company restricts spaces for partners, and does not want other partners to know who else has an account on the wiki. The external partner users should not be able to see other users at all, including any others' usernames. They can interact on the wiki, but with this plugin, they cannot see others in lookup and share areas.

What does it do?

With this plugin, out of the box features are controlled as follows:

  • @mention lookups are suppressed - so you can't see anyone.
  • "Share" feature works by email address or groups only
  • People Directory menu item is suppressed (so you can't see people you shouldn't see)
  • Since @mention look up is disabled, if you do an @ref in a personal task, it will NOT list the task
  • Disabled "search filter by author"
  • Removed hover cards - over a person
  • Removed follow/unfollow capability
  • Remove Network tab on Dashboard and user profile

If you have comments on this feature set, please do not hesitate to provide us with feedback.

We anticipate that we will make the "features" controllable by an administrators configuration panel (i.e., turn on/off per feature), in future releases.




This is an older video - but shows the essence of the plugin's capabilities. The video does not show @mentions or Sharebox, but the plugin addresses these. One of these days we'll get to a new video - or happy for video donations! (smile)

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