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PopView Tooltip Plugin for Confluence

Supports Confluence 3.5 - 6.X

Tooltips plugin for Confluence.

Downloads and Notes

This page will be updated with new downloads, as released.

Brief notes are also included in regards to the changes implemented for the update. If more extensive notes are required, they will be linked in the "Release Notes" column.


Note: If the downloaded format is different than what is shown, double-check your Browser settings, especially if using Internet Explorer.


Plugin Version

Confluence Version





4 Apr 2014

Change default width to 600 px (from 300px).

No longer supported, use latest2.0.15.X+2 Apr 2014Support for 5.0 onwards. - 5.2
20 May 2013AppFusions licensing Confluence support.
No longer supported, use latest. - 4.3.72 Aug 2012Marketplace ready version.
 No longer supported, use latest. & 4.X6 Jan 2012Updated for 3.5.x and 4.x compatibility. Latest browsers. See release notes.
No longer supported, use latest. - 3.5.1728 Jun 2010Initial Release.

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