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New Relic® for Atlassian Bamboo®

Supports Bamboo 5.6+



New Relic is a software analytics platform that remotely monitors application performance through your New Relic administration console.

This platform empowers developers, IT and operations administrators, and business leaders to transform their business using real-time data about their infrastructure systems. Through the data captured by New Relic, operators can make calibrated decisions about how to manage, troubleshoot, and tune their production web applications.

What does it do?

With this add-on, Bamboo server metrics are monitored by New Relic, and graphically displayed so you can track the health of your server. Tracked metrics include: 

Agent metrics

  • The number of local agents
  • The number of remote agents
  • Ths number of on-line elastic agents
  • For each active and enable agent:
    • the average build duration for that agent; and
    • the average queuing time for that agent.

Build metrics

  • The number of enabled build plans
  • The number of build result summaries

Indexing metrics

  • How long will it take to reindex all build results
  • How many documents all indexes have in total

Thread metrics

  • How many threads are currently executing
  • The maximmum number of threads
  • The number of runnables that are waiting to be run

Plugin metrics

There’s not much to report here, since plugins vary in their internal use of system resources. The plugin simply reports the number of plugins that are enabled.

Java metrics

  • The number of available processors
  • The amount of memory used by Java
  • The amount of free memory available
  • The total amount of server memory


<coming soon!>


In your New Relic console, this plugin summary page lists your Bamboo instances and details.

Your New Relic dashboard includes a graph of the number of agents over time, categorized into Local, Online Elastic, and Remote agents.

The metrics that affect developers most directly are shown as line graphs: build times and build waiting (queuing) times.

Indexing statistics and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) metrics are shown in table form:

To give you a picture of JVM memory fluctuations over time, as well as queue sizes over the same time scale, you'll have access to the graphs shown below:

A selection of miscellaneous data are presented, to give you the fullest picture of Bamboo's internal operation as possible.

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