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Enterprise Translation Hub™ for Atlassian Confluence®

Integrated Lingotek - Translations automated. Enterprise-grade rich translations.



At this time, new product deployments of the Lingotek integration is on hold until Q3 2017.


Available to evaluate now! Request information. This is an almost plug and play solution, with a small bit of set-up required. We will help you!


Enterprise Translation Hub for Confluence allows information developers and technical writers who have built product documentation in Confluence, and are responsible for outsourced translation services to create as many translated language flavors of their documentation as needed, with versioning, all from Confluence.

Formal product documentation translation processes are nothing less than complicated and expensive - yet necessary by so many global corporations.

Features include:

  • Confluence documentation translated on demand (automated)
  • Rapid translations in a secure environment (enterprise-grade)
  • Real-time translation status and progress reports
  • In-Confluence"post-editing" panel to correct translations following run
  • Post-edits saved back to Translation memory, allowing for accuracy growth.
  • Version support between iterations of the documentation
  • Translated vocabulary tailored to your context
  • 100+ languages supported
  • in-app Machine Translator (MT) engine support, including: 
    • AppTek Omnifluent
    • Asia Online
    • Google Translate, Enterprise version
    • Language Weaver
    • Microsoft Translator, Enterprise edition
    • Microsoft Translator Hub (for Enterprise)
    • SDL BeGlobal
    • And any other MT engine that has an API



In joint collaboration with Lingotek, AppFusions' new integration puts translation control, power, and cost savings in your hands!

  • No more exporting to XML Translation engines
  • No more $millions of dollar fees in professional translation services fees
  • No more endless iterations across timezones between you and the remote translator
  • No more fancy technical documentation tools, like FrameMaker or WebWorks Publisher, or RoboHelp
  • No more <fill in the blank (i.e., translation headaches, budget overruns, schedule overruns, and a whole lot more)>

What does it do?

Based on your product documentation that you have created in Confluence, typically a "doc per space" (like Atlassian's documentation set up), with the Enterprise Translation Hub, you can translate your documentation to 100+ newly translated versions of your doc - each in their own searchable space.

How does it work, in general?

The Enterprise Translation Hub is comprised of four main parts making up the whole of your Enterprise Translations Hub:

  1. Confluence, with your documentation to be translated
  2. AppFusion's Enterprise Translations Hub integration plugin, installed
  3. Secure access to one or many machine translation engines, via Lingotek, for different languages
  4. Integrated private translation workbench application (for post-editing and library "training")

Once everything is installed and running, the process is quite straight-forward.

  • Select the machine translator
  • Select the language (100+) for end-translation output
  • Identify the document space to be translated. You can choose one, or 5+
  • Run the translation conversions
  • Review and approved the translations converted
  • If errors or issues, you can post-edit the translation, and push it back to ("train") the MT

Through grooming your translation environment (all components seamlessly integrated), better and better iterative success is achieved, just like any good project. For example:

  • the first time you translate/edit a document, maybe the translation quality is 75% (arbitrary number - it is dependent on many content/context aspects based on your content)
  • the 10th time you translate, with your "trainings" pushed back, the quality may be 95% or higher.


Polished PDFs

Using Scroll PDF Exporter, you can complete the documentation cycle, exporting clean styled PDF files like you are used to.


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