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Enterprise Translation Hub™ for Atlassian Confluence®

Integrated Lingotek - Translations automated. Enterprise-grade rich translations.

Downloads and Notes

This page will be updated with new downloads, as released.

If additional questions on the brief release notes, please contact us and we can provide more detail from our change list records.

Note: If the downloaded format is different than what is shown (for example, *.zip and should be *.jar), double-check your Browser settings (especially if using Internet Explorer).


Plugin Version

Confluence Version



2.5.75.xNov 18, 2015Resolve Include macro issue on translated pages
2.5.65.xAug 17, 2015Update to support "no review" phase..
2.5.55.XJul 30, 2015
  • Add a finished space translation event
  • Provide option to retain Space Title during translation
2.5.25.XMar 5, 2015Lingotek SSO + dashboard enhancements
2.5.15.XFeb 16, 2015

AF050-292 - Need the ability to Upload to Lingotek separately

AF050-291 - Auto sync English and Target Trees if English changes (don't require a translation run)

AF050-282 - Page restrictions not copied over to translated spaces

2.4.15.XDec 5, 2014 
2.3.75.XDec 3, 2014Added SSO feature.
2.3.15.XJul 8, 2014

Optimized performance on run times

No longer supported. Please upgrade.2.3.05.XJun 30, 2014 
No longer supported. Please upgrade.2.2.25.XMay 26, 2014 
No longer supported. Please upgrade.2.2.15.XMay 1, 2014 
No longer supported. Please upgrade.2.2.05.XApr 30, 2014 
No longer supported. Please upgrade.2.1.45.XApr 17, 2014Initial public release.
(1 yr of development releases in private beta before)

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