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SSO Authenticator for AD/ADFS/LDAP and Atlassian Servers (via Kerberos)

Single sign-on authenticator for Active Directory/Active Directory Federation Service/LDAP, including full support for Confluence, JIRA, Bitbucket Server (formerly Stash), Crowd, Bamboo, FishEye, Crucible, SVN

What is included?

Support is handled via direct engagement with the client.

Initial installation is usually completed within a day-worth-of-time, even if it may extend over a number of days (back and forth communications with the client to configure it just right for your environment).

AppFusions will assist down the line with subsequent service engagement, but we cannot guarantee support beyond initial deployment given a number of factors that we do not control:

  • Since deployed deep in a customer's network, over time configuration changes could be applied to that network that we are not involved with. As such, it is possible that the authenticator could inadvertantly be compromised. Therefore, we advise best-practice caution in your network and system operations activities.
  • New versions of software or authentication protocols may be released, and we only guarantee the initial deployment since futures are unknown at time of deployment. Often, it will continue to work fine.

Of course AppFusions will stay up to date in our expertise on latest technology changes for ongoing support of this implementation.


How do I get support?

Contact us!


What if I need more support?

If you need more support, we encourage you to contact us for a flexible support contract (sold in blocks of hours), or an annual SLA agreement.


Bottom line: We think NO ONE should be suffering endlessly. Get the support you need, learn from us, and then take over the baton with confidence.

We're hear to help you!

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