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SSO Authenticator for AD/ADFS/LDAP and Atlassian Servers (via Kerberos)

Single sign-on authenticator for Active Directory/Active Directory Federation Service/LDAP, including full support for Confluence, JIRA, Bitbucket Server (formerly Stash), Crowd, Bamboo, FishEye, Crucible, SVN

This is a very popular product, yet...

... one that we found to be a bit challenging for most people to "deploy yourself" without a little help

We tried, and had initially open-sourced it, but we got relentlessly bombarded by support requests, with much impatience. (Even a few getting really nasty if our free support was anything but timely.) Even the sharpest network developers would beat their heads on this challenge. 

We found customers frustrated by not being able to configure it to work in their environment -- no matter how simple we tried to make it. The devil's in the details!

And we found that with ad hoc support, it was wild support with us becoming very vulnerable without proper context of the customers' environments. The risk as well was not comfortable. We were shooting darts and failing more than succeeding! 

And, THAT scenario could not continue!


The truth is:

  • Single sign-on within corporate networks and between different applications is not simple (at least yet).
  • We see people haggling with SSO on for months and STILL never get to the end.

So, we created a 99% complete solution, with an extra 1% being configured for you (and with you) by our expert consulting services as part of the package

Our solution now is methodical, controlled, and success driven. Since February 2012, our deployments have only been successful. (When it was open source, it was fail driven it seemed, with egg on AppFusions' face.)

We want to get you deployed with SSO FAST, and with delight ... not in weeks, with frustrations!!

Following are common questions that have come up in our experiences.

 Can I evaluate the SSO Authenticator before buying it?

No, at current, the price point is quite low; less than a day of consulting time. For us to also support Do-it-yourself-ers, which we know most likely will fail (because that happened in the past when we tried that approach), is not free support time we can afford. We need to pay our engineering.

We can provide you with referrals if you wish.

 Why will you not provide free consulting during the evaluation?

When it comes to network or directory services, the variables are enormous in the field; we know this for certain, we have a lot of experience in this area!

To get this running equates to consulting time specific to your environment. And without a purchase, it is simply not cost effective for us to provide this product at the price we have listed.

(Note: We learned when support was free, customers were frustrated only; it was painful! When we pulled back and offered the license and deployment services together, we have had success only. ONLY success in fact!)

 AppFusions deploys to our Staging server. Can AppFusions also deploy to our Production server?

If you would like AppFusions to deploy twice, once for your Staging server for a pilot review and evaluation, and again for Production, we can do this for you if you wish.

We will charge you an additional 50% for the extra deployment, since it is not the same configuration, and not guaranteed to have the same problems. Yet it also should be similar, which is good.

 Is this an annual maintenance license to the authenticator, including updates?

This is a licensed authenticator and deployment service, that we help you configure for your staging environment. You will replicate the process in your production environment.

The license is perpetual, yet there is an annual maintenance fee, for continual updates, beyond one year, just like all Atlassian plugins/add-ons.

That said, there are caveats.

  • AppFusions' is very cognizant that we do not and cannot control your network and/or any changes that you make to it. 
  • Given the unique-to-your-network configuration of the deployment, we can not guarantee it will work between releases, especially major releases. You may need an update.
  • We do provide updates to the authenticators and your license does include all updates, annually. 
  • Bit-releases might "just work" and often do not require an update to the authenticator. An update is usually mandatory for major releases i.e., Release 5, 6, etc.

Is short - test your SSO in a staging environment before ALL upgrades to Atlassian servers. Single sign-on is obviously login/service-affecting to your users, so this validation is mandatory!


If you need additional service, we are always here to help - or request a block of hours from us.

 What if I buy the SSO configuration and you can not get it configured?

We will provide refunds if we are not able to get the product working in your environment.

So far, we have not had that problem so we are not that concerned.

But, if it happens, of course you are entitled to a refund. We do not want unhappy customers, anywhere.

 Do you provide Community Licenses for this product?

Given the deployment services part of this solution, we do not provide Community Licenses for this product.

However, we are very giving in our policy on our many of our other products that are plug-and-play. Also, we feel our price on this product is quite fair/reasonable, given comparable SSO alternatives.

 Can I call you about my particular needs in this area, before jumping in?

Of course you can!

Our goal of minimizing support is not to be unsupportive and happy to explain things in more detail in a call.

We wish to deploy this solution wider, faster, easier for many customers, and most importantly, with non-frustrated success!

Contact us of course, if you still have questions!

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