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SSO Authenticator for AD/ADFS/LDAP and Atlassian Servers (via Kerberos)

Single sign-on authenticator for Active Directory/Active Directory Federation Service/LDAP, including full support for Confluence, JIRA, Bitbucket Server (formerly Stash), Crowd, Bamboo, FishEye, Crucible, SVN

We're in this together!

AppFusions is extremely fastidious about success-only deployments!

We have deployed to small simple networks and small complicated networks. We have deployed to very large simple networks and very large complicated networks.

Whatever the network, we are very adept at these solutions. Yet, proactively averting surprises has also been core to our success.

On rare occasions, we have encountered customer authenticators, proxies or other network elements that are simply not set up in a way compatible with our solution. In these cases, we can work with you still, if you are willing to make some adjustments. If not, we will flag the concerns, maybe suggest a custom workaround, or forego the efforts if we cannot be successful together.

But to be clear, AppFusions has NO INTEREST in getting into a situation where we cannot deliver.

So we need your help to ensure that!

The following questions are used to pre-qualify your network environment, so we understand early in the process about what we are getting into.We want to know up front all we can about your network. 

Please copy and paste the following questionnaire into email or a Word doc, and email us the answers so we can pre-qualify your network's suitability for our solution! Please share as much network/AD, config information as possible, so we can guide your solution the best way possible.

We will call you if need more info, or if you would like to discuss more as well.


If you are wanting SSO for multiple Atlassian servers, we need answers to the questions for EACH server to be integrated.


Deployment Site Info

Company Name


Direct or Consultant


Contact email


Contact phone number or Skype




  • Do your users access your Atlassian product on the intranet or internet?

  • Do you have mobile users that will need to access the network from their mobile devices?


  • Will they authenticate via a VPN first?

  • Do you use a reverse proxy or another web server, e.g., Apache or IIS, in front of your Atlassian product?


  • How many domains are in your environment?

  • Do you have multiple user directories in AD that are authenticating with your Atlassian product?

  • Do you already have custom applications that use the web services of Atlassian products?


  • What else should you tell us before we get deep here - do not hold back, Your forthcoming information helps us both succeed!

Staging Systems Details at <Deployment Corp Name>




Atlassian product to be SSO'd


Number of users


<Atlassian product> version



<Atlassian product> URL (FQDN)



Users' Operating Systems



Users' Web Browsers



Windows server (Active Dir) version



Java version



Domain controller (FQDN)



If multiple, please list.



Service Account Name



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