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Atlassian JIRA® Integration Application Service

Ready to deploy end-to-end "just works" workflow integration service

Atlassian JIRA is development and project management issue and task tracker, for managing software development projects.

The Atlassian JIRA integration application service (AppSpokes, by AppFusions) allows users of any Web app platform to search, access, preview, comment, create task lists and track analytics against Atlassian JIRA, directly from that platform.


The following features are natively made available.

  • Natively authenticate, access and use JIRA, from <any-web-app>
  • Support integration with multiple JIRA instances
  • Search
    • Basic search with keywords (selectable)
    • Advanced search using JIRA Query Language (JQL)
    • Results filters and sorts
    • Show/hide results column
    • Back-link to JIRA cases
    • JIRA Issue details preview within the JIRA Search and JIRA List apps 
  • Configurable JIRA List
  • Configurable JIRA Chart
  • Create JIRA issue from <any-web-app>
  • Dynamic form that updates per Create JIRA screen changes in JIRA
  • Edit, transition and comment to JIRA cases
  • JIRA Agile Board
  • Roadmap:
    • Display recently viewed JIRA items within <any-web-app>
    • JIRA-links back to <any-web-app> (optional)
    • Insert live JIRA links (via JIRA lookup)

Supported, sustained, packaged integration with continued roadmap feature development. Your enablement key supports all updates throughout the year.


As an example, the following video shows the integration application running in IBM Connections cloud. The integration workflow ubiquitously can run/work securely in <any-web-app>.


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Release Notes

Release Notes.


What is included with your license?

When you buy an AppFusions product, your license entitles you to:

  • all subsequent software updates for one year from the date of your purchase, free of charge.
  • bug support, through letting us know - and a fix being provided.

While we appreciate feature input, we cannot guarantee that it will be implemented immediately, though we will do our best!

How do I get support?

Contact us via this form or email

What do I do when my license expires?

After your evaluation license expires, you may purchase the product, or request one extension to your evaluation.

For purchased license expiries, after a year from purchase, to continue using the product, you will need to renew your license.

Maintenance renewals allow us to continue to grow the product features with updates, as well as keeping it up to date with the dependent technology versions that continue to roll.

What if I need more support?

If you need more support that what is outlined above, for this product or ANY development or mentoring need using the technologies we support, we encourage you to contact us for:

  • a flexible support contract (sold in blocks of hours), or,
  • an annual SLA agreement if that suits your better.

Bottom line: We think NO ONE should be suffering with Enterprise products that they are using or bought. Please get the support you need, learn from us, and then take over the baton with confidence.

We're here to help you!

Why buy a supported commercial plugin?

Our integrations cost many thousands in development and testing costs to create, let alone ongoing sustained support as end-point products evolve. We have the proper experience to solve your problems, and do so in a way with shared value between many. We get the job done.

With a supported commercial packaged solution, you receive a reliable sustained path. We keep current with changes and updates that will affect your solutions, and with cloud solutions, often these adjustments are simply done for you. These fixes and ongoing improvements are covered as part of your license fees.

AppFusions End User License Agreement (EULA)

[Click here] to review the AppFusions End User License Agreement.



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