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Google Drive in Atlassian JIRA® Integration

Supports JIRA 5.0 - 7.X

Plug and play installation.


This is the most feature rich, mature, and advanced Google Drive integration with JIRA on the market (supported and updated since October 2010).



Link a Google Doc to your JIRA issue, direct from Google Docs repository. Includes file picker, preview, open/launch, download options, and OAuth authentication.


What does it do?

Google Drive (Docs) in JIRA allows JIRA users to access, preview, link and locally download Google Drive files in JIRA.

  • Secure authentication between Google Drive and JIRA
  • Link one or many Google Drive files directly to any JIRA issue
  • Preview, open, edit, or even download a local copy of the document.
  • Supporting all types: Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings, PDFs
  • Edit Google Drive documents direct from JIRA, and save back to Google Drive
  • This integration is mature and has continued development and support!



Supports JIRA 6.X. Video just needs an update. Functionality is similar.

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