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Google SSO for Atlassian Confluence®

Supports Confluence 3.5 - 6.X

Plug and play integration. Light configuration required.




Note: This authenticator was significantly reworked for v2.0, release August 28, 2014, for compatibility with Google's OpenID protocol used by Google+. Their old authentication support has been deprecated. Existing AppFusions SSO customers have until March 2015 to update their plugin, yet sooner the better.

Contact AppFusions if any questions.

What does it do?

The Google SSO Authenticator for Confluence allows users to sign into Confluence using their Google+ login (or Gmail domain account).

  • Employees sign into Confluence using their Google+ account (associated via their business Gmail account)
  • Automatically sign-in thereafter
  • Assign your Google users (gmail domain) to particular Confluence groups

When a login is required for Confluence, users will be able to login either via a normal Confluence account (not recommended in this case) or instead click the new "Sign in using Google+".



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