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Google Analytics for Atlassian Confluence®

Supports Confluence 3.5 - 5.X

Plug and play integration. Light configuration required.


This is the most feature rich, mature, and advanced Google Analytics integration with Confluence on the market (supported and updated since December 2009). Also, your data analytics privacy is protected always in our integrations.



Google Analytics for Confluence is a dynamic web traffic analytics reporting plugin for Confluence.

  • Plug and play integration application.
  • Top Content macro shows most viewed content in a space (via Google Analytics)
  • Site-level analytics reports
  • Space-level analytics reports
  • All reports can be run publicly or privately in Confluence.
  • Page caching - page load time is very snappy
  • Who's viewed this page? – on page report listing users who have viewed the current page
  • User tracking is performed via a private unique user ID to comply with section 7 of the Google Analytics Terms of Service.
  • View analytics reports for both Confluence and multiple external sites, all in Confluence


Displays reports for an external Confluence website, or a particular space (from within that space).


Who's viewed this page?

On-page analytics showing users who have viewed the current page: 

Other Screenshots

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