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Google Directory for Atlassian Confluence®

Supports Confluence 5.X

Plug and play integration. Light configuration required.

Downloads and Notes

This page will be updated with new downloads, as released.

If additional questions on the brief release notes, please contact us and we can provide more detail from our change list records.

Note: If the downloaded format is different than what is shown (for example, *.zip and should be *.jar), double-check your Browser settings (especially if using Internet Explorer).




Release date

1.2.35.XMarch 14, 2016Updated bundled AppFusions bundled License Validator.
No longer available.  Please use the latest version available.1.2.15.XMay 4, 2015Make compatible with Google SSO for Confluence v2.2.8
No longer available.  Please use the latest version available.1.1.05.XJun 1, 2014

Initial version.

Note - this has been deployed at scale in a 600 person corporation.













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