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Google Directory for Atlassian Confluence®

Supports Confluence 5.X

Plug and play integration. Light configuration required.


Google Configuration

Enable Provision API Access

Enable the API access from the Admin console in order to make requests to the Directory API. To enable the API, log in to your admin account and select Security. If you do not see Security listed, select More controls and then Security from the options shown in the gray box. Select API reference, and then select the checkbox to Enable API access. Save your changes.

Register OAuth 2 Consumer

Set up a new project in the Google APIs Console and create a new project (or select an existing project).

Select APIs from left panel and make sure the Admin SKD is turned on.

Select Credentials from left panel, click on CREATE NEW CLIENT ID.

Application typeWeb Application
Authorized JavaScript originsNot used
Authorized redirect URI

<Confluence URL>/users/plugins/googledir/callback.action



Confluence Configuration

Authorize Confluence access to Google

  1. Log into Confluence and go to Administration | Google Directory.
  2. Enter Google OAuth 2 details.
  3. Click the Authorize link to go through the OAuth dance.
  4. Click the Synchronize link to start synchronize with Google immediately.

There is an automated job that runs periodically to synchronize Google with Confluence after the setup is completed.

Exclude groups from directory

You can exclude certain groups from the Google Directory. Once marked to be excluded, members of the groups will not show up in the directory listing.



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