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Enterprise Directory & Org Chart for Atlassian Confluence

Supports Confluence 5.X - 6.X

Plug and play integration with your AD/LDAP.

The Enterprise Directory and Org Chart provides a searchable directory and graphical organization chart of your Confluence userbase, pulling directly from your integrated LDAP or Active Directory.

Feature Overview

The features of the the Enterprise Directory and Org Chart plugin are:

  • An Enterprise Directory table pulled from LDAP of Active Directory, and accessible from a new "Directory" menu adjacent to the logo.
  • Configurable, filtered and sortable table columns and searches
  • Live links on displayed names to Confluence user profiles
  • Lookup macro to embed a lookup search bar in any page
  • Orgchart macro to display enterprise-wide or departmental graphical org chart
  • Image support
  • Supports Refined Wiki and Zen Foundation themes, if installed
  • Ability to zoom org chart in and out.
  • Smoother expand/collapse of org chart nodes.



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