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Zen Foundation Is Not Licensed

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Product Pricing / Licensing Notes

See the applicable "Pricing" page for the product you are interested in purchasing.

Some notes:

  • All licenses include all updates through a given year, and we do our best to stay current on all integration software versioning.
  • Second year+, annual maintenance fees are 50% of fees above.
  • Educational organizations, licenses are 50% of regular posted prices. 


Supported Transactions

Most customers have been purchasing our product online - but we are flexible to supporting you if you have security concerns.

We support:

  • PayPal transactions (checks or credit cards)
  • American Express phone orders (contact us)
  • Direct EFT transations. Contact us and we will provide our bank details.
  • Purchase Orders for large enterprise corporations
  • Need another method? Ask us.


About AppFusions Charity Licenses 

AppFusions integrations and add-ons are free for use byofficial not-for-profit organizations and charities.These organizations are:

  • not-for-profit,
  • non-government,
  • non-academic, or,
  • non-commercial in nature.

We provide this opportunity to help grow your charity organization's efficiencies, so you in turn can give better, faster. 

AppFusions Charity Licenses require that you:

  • are already running an Atlassian Community License on your server, and, 
  • that the AppFusions issued license(s) will be used only for the named organization that the license is provided for.
  • AppFusions Charity Licenses are for Atlassian "server" products, not the "cloud" products. 
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