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Basic Premises

When working with complex projects, trying to work out every detail beforehand is a time consuming and a costly effort for all parties - where a lot of decisions may need to be changed as the project progresses.

Situations change, new ideas emerge, old ideas get nullified with new insight.

Initial "getting started" goals, basic features or functional definition is needed, to allow for an early iterative release – but room to change and evolve later, is logical and makes sense.

AppFusions' Stance

AppFusions believes in and works in an agile development flexible methodology to welcome and allow change as projects progress and more information becomes clear. We not only believe this is smart for better products, we also think it leads to more transparent projects and gates risk mitigation as the project progresses, which is again – good for all parties involved.

In short, we subscribe to the agile development principles as defined in the Agile Manifesto as makes best sense while to meet customer expectations most efficiently and professionally in all our projects.