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Hosting, Resales, Renewals


Why We Resell Vendor Software, Too

AppFusions is an active reseller of many of the products we integrate with. Why? Because if you are going to create integration products, you better:

  • understand the endpoint products very well – functionally and technically,

  • like the way they do business, and,

  • believe in what and why they are doing what they are doing!

Through our hands-on active field experiences, you get to really know both the technical integrity and capabilities of the vendor companies and products. For us – this is mission critical for our mutual customers!

Top 7 Reasons to Buy via AppFusions?

AppFusions provides:

  1. Knowledgeable single-stop shop, favorable terms.
  2. Vendor approval for large procurement organizations.
  3. We accept PO orders.
  4. We LIKE phone calls. Call us – 888/516-2890
  5. We like to answer questions – and provide you with more info than just "it's on the web", or email threads. These are big decisions – talking to someone matters often!
  6. As developers working with these technologies, daily, we have the "inside line" on how to get things done technically.
  7. We are pretty nice too.



But what about competitors?

On front, some of the products we resell may seem like competitors – so how can we back competitors? Well, based on field experience, and in our opinion – to say that there is only one leader in any industry is short-sighted and naive. Simply.

Technology is moving at lightening speed, and as technologies evolve, many products overlap in different ways – yet the differences are sometimes very important for the end customer. More, the mixing of the systems often lead to the ultimate solution, through integrations.

We embrace differences – as well as the idea that there is no one-size-fits all product in the world.

The world is large, customers needs and demands are diverse -- and many products and brands often comprise corporate system architectures. This is normal.

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