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AppFusions' Charity License Request

Helping you grow! Free licenses to AppFusions' products for official not-for-profit organizations


Happy New Year! AppFusions has committed to, and as part of our efforts, we'd like to give away >1000+ AppFusions' product charity licenses in 2015 alone!

We already have dozens of charity customers who've used our products for years, but we're cranking it up! Please apply below, and looking forward to hearing your story!

AppFusions wants to help grow your charity organization's efficiencies, so you can meet your goals of giving better, faster.

The better your organization runs, the more people / diseases / elephants or rhinos, etc. you will help in this world! 

AppFusions integrations and add-ons are free for use by official not-for-profit organizations and charities.These organizations are:

  • not-for-profit,
  • non-government,
  • non-academic, or,
  • non-commercial in nature.

AppFusions Charity Licenses require that you:

  • are already running an Atlassian Community License on your server, and, 
  • that the AppFusions issued license(s) will be used only for the named organization that the license is provided for. 


  • AppFusions Charity Licenses are for Atlassian "server" products, not the "cloud" products. 
  • If working on an Open Source project, you may also use the form below, but please indicate your project and AppFusions will contact you.
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for your AppFusions Charity License application to be processed.


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