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About AppFusions

AppFusions is a senior product development and professional services organization, dedicated to customer “edge cases” most typically via integration of best-of breed-systems.

While our top-tier professional services covers all sides of the Enterprise deployment and network requirement – from installations, configurations, architecture definition, data migrations, custom extensions, single sign-on, high availability, hosting, and anything else a customer can dream up to do with the technologies we work with – our passion is in proliferating our solutions beyond just a single client.

We believe what is a problem for one organization is often also that of many others. We believe as unique as we all think we are – we are not really that unique in how we get things done. Problems are everywhere – AppFusions view of the world is to spread solutions and platforms everywhere, especially through the obvious time-saving and cost-saving benefits of packaged integrations.

While we are always pushing our experience beyond any current day, our primary technical experience is in the platforms we have packaged integrations with, in particular Atlassian systems (all products), Jive software, IBM Connections and Sametime, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Analytics, Google Apps SSO, Alfresco, Lingotek (Translations), MixPanel, UserVoice, Doxygen, and single sign-on technologies (Kerberos, SAML2, OAuth2).

Additionally, we are a self-professed snob of senior-level, reliable, always-delivering talent. Our customers demand that – and we do not like to disappoint!

To date, AppFusions has prided itself in only retaining top-grade talent, both technically and with well-rounded communication skills. We do not “cheap off-shore” our development, support, or technical efforts, and as such, we have been able to secure the continued trust of some of the most popular and well-known brand corps in the world, such as AT&T, Neiman Marcus, Coca-cola, Broadcom, Netflix, Pinterest, Amgen, Hubspot, Marketo, Seagate, CA Technologies, HealthEdge, DreamWorks, Cadence, and many more.


Here's just a few general ideas - regardless of technical challenge, that AppFusions can help you with:

  • Collaboration Solutions Which Connect and Engage Stakeholders and Proactively Serve Customers
  • Integrations and Migrations for Proactive Data Management
  • Facilitate Communications and Collaboration
  • Speak the Language of the Customer
  • Collaborate with External Organizations
  • Optimize Workflow Across Organization
  • Optimize Software Development Process
  • Cost Management
  • Standardize and/or Integrate Best-of-Breed Platforms and Information
  • Improve Productivity and Optimize Efficiency
  • Optimize Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) processes
  • Customize Communications Leveraging Technology
  • Adhere to Protocols and Standards Leveraging Technology
  • Proactively Manage IT and Support Needs
  • Implement Solutions for Highly-Regulated Industries
  • Manage and Develop Custom Integrations


Started in April 2010, AppFusions is based in San Francisco with satellite offices in Folsom, CA, Washington DC, Lafayette, CO, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Our team is now 15 people, all centrally-based in Atlassian systems hosted in St Louis, MO at Contegix data centers and skype, and Google hangouts.

At Contegix, we have a farm of colo-servers and direct managed servers for both our core infrastructure and to support our test and development efforts. The team is very stable with essentially no attrition. 8 of us have been together more than 3yrs. 

Beyond that - well, honestly, there's a whole lot more to say! We're moving fast!

So, give us a call!

(email us, @appfusions on Twitter or call +1 888.516.2890.)

We'd much rather chat and/or meet you in person than having you just reading here.

We'll tell you more about us, and love to learn about you...

(updated 6/2/2014)

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