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Today Atlassian had a great blog about shipping a "FedEx Day" (tm) to some lucky group on the earth.

What's that mean?

Well - that means - they are literally shipping a team of Atlassian best catalysts (4-5 of them) to your offices, if you win, to help you have an amazing Atlassian-style FedEx day experience, complete with pizza, beer, intense engineering and creativity, and I'm sure much other frivolity, as is normally the case with Atlassian folks.

Nice! Very cool contest! 

To enter, you had to turn in a story. Gulp - a story. Well since this was only announced this am - and due at 10pm TODAY, in FedEx style, cramming to get this out after a busy AppFusions day.

(DOH! Updated: Just realized deadline is DEC. 21, not NOV. 21! Ah well... ours is in..)


Not sure we exactly have the "Whoa-is-me!-we-need-an-Atlassian-shot-in-the-arm-and-silver-bullet" story ..

But we did write "a story" from our heart about what we think makes a great team, the type of team needed to make a great FedEx Day.

We wrote about what we think Atlassian FedEx is about, and why we are perfect candidates (of course) to "play the game!" with aligned spirits and motivations!

We wrote why we'd love an Atlassian FedEx jolt, along with certainly bringing alot of our own energies to make it an amazing experience all the way around too!

Opening question on the application

"Tell us why your organization needs a FedEx Day."

Our short answer:

What?! Why do we need a FedEx day?! What kind of question is that? Doesn’t EVERYONE need one?!

Well, YES, however not everyone would be successful in a FedEx day – this is certain, sadly.

And a FedEx Day unfortunately is not going to cure that problem in 24 hours. Nor is this blog.

But, can say this: If you are working somewhere that would not be a good FedEx Day candidate, BUT you wish it was - then, here's some advice: simply, acknowledge it, and brush up your resume!

THEN, GO FIND the right place to work, with creative innovation, development, respect, and a great team if that is what you want! Don't settle.

Okay... without further ado, following is the app we submitted! (smile)

Here's how we see it

Atlassian FedEx Day is a mere extension of an existing “Let’s kick ass and SHIP IT” attitude already pervasive amongst an aligned and motivated agile development team (we think).

How that attitude got there in first place?

Well at Atlassian, maybe a lot of it was groomed in, since indeed these kinds of attitudes are infectious, but also you can’t force people to drink the kool-aid. Folks either get it or not. And if they get it, they likely also innately have an open and creative personality, style, or drive, that is collectively very powerful.

We get it – and we think FedEx fits AppFusions' style well too – since we are building a team of similar mentality, styles, values. Not as a copy - but truly in respects. We like that! Things like:

  • A team that is highly supportive and driven innately, endlessly curious, and self-stoked daily.
  • A team that can’t stop the ride, or natural drug – whichever it is – and the more we do, the more we want to do – individually and together. 
  • A team that is endlessly determined, innovative and creative, a team that loves to play, tinker, and win too… even if it’s just winning amongst ourselves. 
  • A team that can be open together, share iteratively without shame or scare or arrogance, and also compete together, and together get stronger and stronger. 
  • A team that really GETS agile development – truly. That it is more of an attitude than just process. 
  • A team that is technically very smart, well-versed, researched, and resourceful.
  • A team that is also supremely irritated by arrogance – internally or externally, but also impressed and intrigued by great style and confidence in accomplishing great things (such as the flavor that seems to emanate from FedEx events from our perspective).

A team that is aligned. A team that can be light, and funny; a team that likes beer and pizza too.


With such infectious spirit already in the air, it seems FedEx Day simply ups the fun factor anty – with good beer (yay!) and “lovely” trophies of honor, symbolizing persistence, push, accomplishment, and excellence in what so many can barely think of, much less do in 24 hours!

No what ifs or why nots. No I wonders. No mental barriers. Only creative end visions and determination to completion.

In the end, 24-hours of pressure-on, just do it, do it intensely, do it with all your heart, do it well and with speed, help your bro’ and sis’, and simply – MAKE IT HAPPEN, every pore focused … and with that, expected success only for a bunch of very cool results.

Sounds great!

If you like this spirit – then we suggest that you select APPFUSIONS for FedEx19 … WE’RE ALL IN. We can bring that and a whole lot more to FedEx19.

If you want to merge our team with another group of FedEx junkies to make a bigger group – we’re also ALL IN for that too! =) The more the merrier!

Our Location Suggestion for FedEx19

Despite AppFusions innate enthusiasm, we exist on many different corners of the earth, being from US, UK, AU.

We’re like a team that is based “in the Internet” technically, within our farm of hosted Contegix servers, skype, gotomeeting, email, and our private offices!

While being able to make things happen so remotely is success alone – NOTHING replaces an in-person meeting, especially like:

FedEx19 in Barra de Navidad, Mexico*

This place is about as perfect as it gets – ESPECIALLY with some Atlassian flair.

And since everyone has to fly – including the poor Atlassians and Mr. Pink… well, might as well go to one of the most beautiful places on earth. (Yet not the biggest bank breaker!)

Final Vision

BARRA DE NAVIDAD, MEXICO: 24-killing-it-FedEx-hours making some amazing new things, and then enjoying good ol’ Mexican Riviera hospitality and beer, and margaritas, and nachos and fish tacos too, baby!!

Here’s the views:

* Just one of a zillion great corners – seed planted. =)

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