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San Francisco, CA, October 12, 2011 -- ( -- AppFusions, an innovative team of systems' integration developers with advanced application development expertise in Atlassian Software Systems and Jive Software, is pleased to announce the release of JIRA in Jive, v2.0, and Attensa in Jive, v1.0 during JiveWorld11 last week (Oct 4-6, 2011) in Las Vegas, NV.

“We're excited to have AppFusions as a Jive Apps partner given their deep expertise in enterprise system integrations,” said Robin Bordoli, VP of the Jive Apps Market at Jive. “With their JIRA in Jive and Attensa in Jive apps, they are showcasing how a social business platform can increase the value of existing applications through increased usage, visibility and engagement by employees across the enterprise.”

About JIRA in Jive, v2.0

JIRA in Jive, v2.0 is a key function integration application pulling in the most critical quick logging capabilities of the popular Atlassian JIRA issue tracker inside Jive - the Enterprise social business platform. (

The integration enables business users, product management, and engineering users to create JIRA task in real-time from within the Jive platform. Through the JIRA in Jive app for JIRA 4.3 and 4.4, key JIRA data is accessible and managed seamlessly via one system:

  • users can create JIRA issues inside selected JIRA projects directly from Jive;
  • text string and complex JQL searches can easily be run, as well as pulling in saved search favorites (previously set up in JIRA);
  • issue detail is displayed in clean sortable table lists;
  • searched-for JIRA issues can also spawn Jive discussions; and
  • JIRA events invoked inside Jive are streamed inside Jive's "What Matters" streams.

The following additional features will be available within the JIRA in Jive app for JIRA 5.0, which is expected to be released in Q4:

  • JIRA issues can also be updated from within Jive;
  • remote-links (to Jive discussions) are posted back to any relevant JIRA issue (inside JIRA) from spawned Jive discussions; and
  • JIRA activity streams are updated with any JIRA actions that are invoked from the Jive side.

And more to be seen.

JIRA 5.0 was Beta released September 28, 2011. AppFusions has already developed a beta integration, which was also demo'd at JiveWorld11, including the above listed features.

"We're thrilled by this new integration innovation and release! JIRA is undisputedly an indispensable tool in development and product management organizations world-wide - over 17,000 organizations use JIRA, in fact. Jive's social business platform has become a core intranet and collaboration platform for many large Enterprises, with a growing marketshare."

"Bringing these key systems together is an enormous technology leap forward to improve accountability, visibility, tracking, and management within large and small project teams, anywhere," said Ellen Feaheny, CEO and co-founder of AppFusions.

The JIRA in Jive app is available now through the Jive Apps Market.

About Attensa in Jive, v1.0

Attensa in Jive, v1.0 could easily be heralded as Enterprise information management and content delivery "on steroids" inside Jive, given advanced aggregation and stream management via the Attensa StreamServer, and available directly from within your Jive system. (

"Attensa helps businesses harness relevant information and capture knowledge from inside and outside of their organizations to fuel innovation, and make faster, more confident decisions and improve performance across the enterprise."

"With AppFusions' new Attensa integration in Jive, this power is brought up another whole level - with broader reach, visibility, and ultimately improved efficiency in organizations that are capturing the power and edge of knowledge," said Charlie Davidson, CEO of Attensa Software.

Popular with high-research intensive industries such as law, biotech, and pharmaceuticals, Attensa customers enjoy extreme competitive advantage with knowledge being quickly pulled, managed, and organized from both free and subscription information services. Enormous amounts of data can be properly aggregated and deposited in the right categorical places, with tagging, streams, commenting, analytics, and more.

Online videos are available for preview of the JIRA and Attensa integrations with Jive - see AppFusions's Youtube channel. (

AppFusions also presented at JiveWorld11 in the "Plugins to Apps" session, demoing three Jive integration apps: JIRA, Attensa, and an early PoC with Extentech in Jive, a powerful collaborative business intelligence spread-sheeting system.

For additional details on the JiveWorld11 conference, please visit: Updates from the conference can also be found on Facebook or by joining the conversation on Twitter \#jw11 (\!/search/jw11).

About AppFusions

AppFusions ( is a systems integrator and solutions provider that offers multi-technology application development and professional services to help enterprises harness together workflows and key data systems for improved efficiencies.

AppFusions has created many one-of-a-kind middleware solutions to integrate data and workflow operations. These include integrations with Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, and Crowd, Alfresco DMS, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Webtrends, UserVoice,, and now Jive Software social business platform and Attensa information systems. As a seasoned partner of Atlassian Software, AppFusions expertise is some of the most technically capable in the industry - and their portfolio of products and active engagement in the community clearly exemplifies this high level of expertise.

They have an endlessly high penchant and drive to deliver new innovations on a fast and steady track, with many integration and proprietary releases to their credit. AppFusions' customers predominantly overlap with their integration vendor (listed above) partners' customers too, of course - including all types and sizes of corporations world-wide. Founded in April 2010, AppFusions is a global organization, working in US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. For more information, please visit, @appfusions on Twitter or Facebook, or call U.S. 888.516.2890.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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