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Hot on the heels of Atlassian's first public EAP milestone of Confluence 4.0 earlier this month, comes the 2nd public EAP build. This latest milestone delivers 5 awesome new features and improvements.

Lets take a close look at one particularly interesting new feature. A feature that many of you have asked for…

Paste Images into the Editor (Firefox and Chrome)

This is a very popular feature that was unveiled at Atlassian Summit 2011. Just copy any image to your clipboard and press CTRL+V in the Confluence 4.0 editor. The image will be attached and embedded directly into your page. There's nothing to install on your just works!

Don't believe us? Watch the short video below and see this new feature in action.

More Features & Improvements

This is just one of the many new features in this release. Head on over to the Atlassian blog to learn more about the other new features in this release.

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