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Updated the page May 25, 2011, since book is now avail in REAL, not just raw format. It can be purchased via:

THANKS - check it out, and do let us know what you think at or on twitter at @appfusions.

AppFusions is pleased to announce the release of JIRA 4 Essentials by AppFusions co-founder, Patrick Li.

Available NOW as a PDF ebook, or in print in May (or both). More ...

Buy Now here!       Buy Now here!       Buy Now here!        Buy Now here!        

About the Book

This book is a great book for every JIRA system administrator - beginner or advanced, to have as a handy local reference next to your system. Answers, quick answers, at your finger-tips! More ...

Packed with real-life example and step-by-step instructions, this book will help you become a JIRA expert.

What you will learn from this book:

  • Determine and choose the best options to set up JIRA to suit your requirements and constraints
  • Understand key concepts to use JIRA more effectively
  • Adapt JIRA to your organization and make it part of your everyday business process
  • Customize JIRA's data capture and presentation layout to provide a better user experience
  • Secure JIRA to protect your data
  • Add value to your data through powerful data query and information retrieval
  • Capture data and display it to users by using different types of fields in JIRA
Buy Now here!       Buy Now here!       Buy Now here!        Buy Now here!        

About the Author

Patrick Li is a highly experienced and established JIRA developer, among many other development skills. He is well-known in Atlassian Forums, with a top position in the leader boards on most Atlassian subjects.

Internal to AppFusions, he's highly respected not only for his technical expertise, but also his logical pragmatic guidance on just about any technical challenge we encounter.

We joke that if JIRA could ride a bike, Patrick can make it do so. We've yet to trip on any JIRA requirement that can break Patrick's back. Thus, of course he's a key member of the team, let alone co-founder to AppFusions.

Awesome job Patrick - we're mighty proud of you - again!

Shameless advertisement

While JIRA is certainly a strength, lately Patrick's been in full-speed development mode with another senior developer on our team: Colin Goudie. Their project: our imminent Confluence to Alfresco Integration product.

This CMIS-based connector brings the world of structured ECM/DMS documents (PDFs, Docs, XLS, etc.) and unstructured Wiki content under one hub, finally! This solution solves the problem of rogue attachments in the wiki with a logical DMS fileshare home, as well as enabling normally out-of sight DMS documents to be easily accessible and also embedded in wiki pages (among other features).

In essence – a single collaboration environment with both structured and unstructured data properly managed.

We think the power of this connector in the industry is enormous, and can't wait to share it with the world!

Early Adopter trial deployments are expected to start with 6 large corporations the week of April 4, 2011. Contact us if you'd like to join..., or please check back again.