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Ok -

Do you know the @ConfluenceGuru?

The charlie-icon, the Atlassian-fan-magnet, the evangelistic mystery mascot, and positively the all-knowing Confluence how-to master..

He lives out in twitter-land, roaming the field, not just for cute chicks, but more seriously seeking to help troubled Confluence users, or plucking out obscure or exciting reference implementation examples (full Wikis, feature updates, or tips/tricks).

... and ALWAYS answering the innocent to expert questions as they arrive.

Well here ye - that there Charlie-icon just made our day with this tweet!

Here's the referenced Atlassian blog post to which our Google Docs Connector for Confluence got a nice stroke.... whooweee!

Thanks Guru!


As for the @ConfluenceGuru, if not following him yet, get with the program and do.

You'll surely learn a trick or three... and I've never seen him bite, so give him your best shot with your toughest question!

He eats them up, like yum!


As for who is behind that masked-man, donate here, write us an email ... and I'll expose the mystery man.. AND we'll send you a license to the connector to try it out!