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So Oct 11-13, we had the privilege of attending the annual AtlasCamp, Atlassian's Annual Dev Conference in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Well, it'd be easy to really get off track on all that - much to say, but you can read about it here and lots more places on the net. Here's some cool picts! In short - KICKED ASS!

Before Camp...

BEFORE CAMP they had a great little "Herculean tasks" Camper team building Contest and our team came in 3rd place! Yay Bamboo Team!!

We won PRIZES:

  • a cool Atlassian beer coolie
  • bottle opener and a swift pat on the back

The last item - SW value $60.. real value, priceless!!

How about a set of Atlassian licenses for 50% off?

AppFusions already has lotsa systems - so we want someone else to use these, get engaged and stoked up about Atlassian SW, make some neat plugins, or track your life in your own Wiki and JIRA at least!

So if you are a Java developer, or Atlassian developer, technical writer or PM, or serious dabbler - or just keen to learn alot and get into it, then STOP WISHING now and GET INTO IT!)

And plan to attend NEXT YEARS AtlasCamp. But before...

  • Here's the SDK. Download it.
  • Here's the instructions. Read them, do them, and then install your new plugin of whatever flavor.
  • A good kickstart is to do the Atlassian dragons.
  • Get your 50% off licenses by paying $30 here for a great cause.
  • Send email to me saying you paid the $30 bucks.
  • I send you email with your 6-pack of licenses.
    • Confluence - Enterprise wiki
    • JIRA - issue tracker
    • FishEye - integrated code browser, etc.
    • GreenHopper- code review
    • Crowd - centralized user management and SSO
    • Bamboo - continuous intergation server

ONLY $30 for complete set of Atlassian SW (10 user licenses)
.. And the money goes to a great cause. H20. CLEAN H20.

EVERYONE should have clean water!

It's a basic. It's only right. What if you didn't have clean water? THINK ABOUT THAT!!

Please help out - its not a lot o money, and you'll feel better afterwards for it! Help out, share some water, and kick off your new Atlassian moonlighting dev practice.

When you have something to show, SHOW IT! (smile)

When you feel like you have something good to show - contact us, and maybe we'll hire you!

ALWAYS looking for killer developers of all stripes. The more stripes the better - since we're dealing in the big world. And trust me - customers also come in ALL stripes.

Exhilarating - get into it!


p.s. If ANYONE ELSE that went to AtlasCamp and won a STARTER LICENSE pack that will not be used? Please let me know! Let's get MORE water donations, and get some new devs into the swing of it!

OR... You can always donate to the water campaign anyways. Love to see that barometer go up some in the next 60 days! (smile)