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Latest Update as of 5/17/2013!

Go here for more info on:

Alfresco in Confluence
Alfrescon in JIRA

Video Demo - Alfresco in Confluence


Video Demo - Alfresco in JIRA

If every child had a Wiki space that carried with them throughout their gradeschool years, the children can change the world in ways we cannot even fathom...


Editor Note: So tried to be sporty and support GoogleDocs in the following presentation, but the layout is not that fresh. I love the idea of GoogleDocs - but without powerful flexibility in the layouts and presentation, you are really limited. Next time, back to PPT or something more sophisticated until this improves by Google. Need clean/polished presentation!

Just created the Ithaca, New York Atlassian User Group page ..

Come out to beautiful Taughannock Falls State Park (lakeside) for a great Friday afternoon to mingle, share, and learn form other Atlassian users and / or developers interested in Atlassian software!

More info to come!

Website v.09 is released.


Welcome to our 0.9 version of our site!

Much more to do to complete this website - but feeling like it just plain needs to get out in the world.

Getting calls, in discussions with clients, and much happening - and so at this rate, let the goodness continue and just plain acknowledge that isolated days for the Website are not likely going to be found in coming days..

Target - finish polishing rough edges in MAY 2010 though - bit by bit each day - we'll get there!

Thanks for coming by - and please do contact us if you have any questions or suggestions on anything!

CHEERS! (smile)