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Alfresco™ in Atlassian JIRA® Integration

Supports JIRA 6.3 - 7.X

and Alfresco 4.2 & 5.0

Plug and play installation.


This is the most feature rich, mature, and advanced Alfresco and JIRA integration on the market (supported and updated since June 2011).


What does it do?

With Alfresco in JIRA, JIRA users can access, preview, and link (attach) Alfresco files to JIRA issues directly from JIRA:

  • "Plug and play" feature-rich integration application
  • CMIS-standard based
  • Authenticate with Alfresco from JIRA
  • Link files from your Alfresco repository to issues in JIRA
  • Search for, preview, and download linked Alfresco files from within JIRA
  • Full previews of any Alfresco file directly from JIRA
  • Supports editing from JIRA in MS Office, NeoOffice, or OpenOffice applications (Mac, Linux, Windows)
  • Respects check in/check outs in Alfresco (can't edit or save in such cases)

Supported filetypes:

  • Word or MS Office Docs
  • Spreadsheets or Excel
  • Presentations or PowerPoint
  • Adobe PDF documents
  • Zip files
  • Text files
  • etc.




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