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Alfresco™ SSO Authenticator for Atlassian Crowd®

Supports Crowd 2.6.X - 2.11.X and Alfresco 4.X - 5

Plug and play. Light configuration.

The Alfresco SSO for Atlassian Crowd authenticator enables single sign-on (SSO) and synchronization of users between Confluence and Alfresco, while also allowing single point for managing users of both systems (Crowd).

With the Alfresco SSO Authenticator for Crowd, administrators can"

  • Synchronize all users from Crowd directories associated with the application (Alfresco) (work around to
  • User logins to Alfresco authenticates against user in Crowd directory.
  • New Alfresco user login will be created using attributes from Crowd.
  • Alfresco Share users are authenticated via Crowd.
  • Logging out of Alfresco clears the Crowd token.
  • Syncing and support of nested groups from Crowd to Alfresco
  • SSO feature support - Logging into Alfresco means logged into all other "Crowd-ified" applications that user has privileges to.

In addition, end-users can log into other Atlassian apps already integrated (with Crowd), and already be signed-into Alfresco.


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